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Although we are a small publishing company, our team is multi-dimensional with many years of experience in order to help new authors in realizing his or her dreams.

We help our authors get their books written, edited, illustrated, and published in hardcover, paperback, and e-books.

Our Story

Becky White - Founder and Executive Editor

Becky White is the co-founder and marketing director of Cryptic Quill Publishing. A graduate of Draughon's Business College, she has over 24 years of marketing experience (19 years with accounting firms.)

Becky is actively involved in the following organizations:

  • Mississippi State Hospital Graduate Medical Education Foundation - Board Member
  • Rotary District 6820 Governor’s Coordinator
  • Rotary Club of Jackson – Member and Social Media Chair
  • Rotary District 6820 - Governor’s Coordinator, Rotary Global Rewards Chair, and Social Media Manager
  • Association for Accounting Marketing - Member
  • Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership – Member and Chairman's Council
  • Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership – Ambassador and Steering Committee Member
  • Madison County Chamber of Commerce - Past Liaison
  • Rankin County Chamber of Commerce - Past Membership and Business Development Chair
  • American Advertising Federation Jackson, Mississippi – Past President and Member
  • American Advertising Federation District 7 – Past Member and Past Regional Director
  • Mississippi Business Journal’s 50 Leading Business Women - Advisory Board Member
  • American Advertising Federation Jackson, Mississippi – Past President and Member

Honors include:

  • Rankin County Chamber of Commerce President's Award Winner - 2017
  • Rotary Leadership Institute Graduate - 2016
  • Leadership Madison County Graduate - 2014
  • One of the MS Business Journal’s 50 Leading Business Women in Mississippi – 2014
  • Madison County Chamber Liaison of the Year - 2013
  • Mississippi Burn Foundation Volunteer of the Year - 2012
  • American Advertising Federation (AAF) District 7 President of the Year - 2012
  • American Advertising Federation, Jackson, Mississippi Club President - 2011

Keith White - Founder and Executive Editor

Keith White is the founder and executive editor of Cryptic Quill Publishing and has published several literary and poetic works.

He studied Creative Writing and Commercial Design and Advertising at Hind Community College.

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