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Milan Sergent

Milan Sergent

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Multi-Award-Winning Author Milan Sergent studied creative writing in college and began writing the novel series, Candlewicke 13, in 2007, a year after featuring some of the series’ characters in his solo art exhibition, titled Outsiders and Apparitions, near Rockefeller Center in New York City.

An artist and poet since adolescence, a few of Sergent’s works were published in Scarlet Literary Magazine.

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Candlewicke 13 Book One Cover Photo

Candlewicke 13 Curse of the McRavens

Book One of the Candlewicke 13 Series

ISBN 13: 9780999802403            Price: $14.99

Available through most bookstores.

Valor McRaven tries to hide his odd symptoms from the “normal” witches. His shadow moves on its own, and he sometimes makes objects move without the required wand. Valor refuses to believe the rumors about his family, even after Mystic Ministry locks the McRavens in the sanatorium and schedules him to be the hunted fox in a ghastly tournament with blindfolded ogres, boiling cauldrons, and cats with moon madness.

If Valor wins, or survives, he can begin his dream of becoming an apprentice of magic at Mystic Steeples, where he hopes to unravel the death of his twin and the attempts someone keeps making to kill him.

His only friends say it’s too late for that. They insist he’s the leader of their misfit coven, foretold to unravel the greatest cover-up in history (The Great Deception) and stop the Grim Warlock’s terrible Thirteenth Hour. But they’re not risking a life sentence in a dreary prison having their inner essence removed.

The only person Valor trusts is his morosely precocious adopted sister, Doomsy Gloomsy, who knows much more than any eight-year-old should.


Candlewicke 13 Book Two Cover Photo

Candlewicke 13 and the Tombstone Forest

Book Two of the Candlewicke 13 Series

ISBN 13: 9780999802434            Price: $14.99

Available through most bookstores.

Just when Valor McRaven and his sister, Doomsy Gloomsy, are minutes from becoming apprentices of magic at Mystic Steeples, their parents snatch them away in an escape from the sanatorium with two nutty Nizzertits they have befriended.

Valor and Doomsy find themselves fleeing Hoopenfangia all the way to the Bumbling Boonies where Valor’s father plans to live in a hole in the ground in order to escape the Grim Warlock’s Thirteenth Hour—if Houmas McRaven can get his family through the enchanted door of the Ambergis Divide, that is.

But has Houmas led his family into the very pit of danger and death, he had imagined escaping? Will Valor’s friends show up after the war that ignites the Thirteenth Hour traps him and Doomsy in its sticky web?

Come along as Valor and Doomsy encounter magic creatures, a tombstone amusement park, and a tower of sorcerers, while unraveling more clues to the mysteries surrounding the McRavens.